1. Choose a bed location
The best place to put your bed is the bed head, which is square to the door, can be 90 degrees or 90 degrees from the door. Before bed arrangements determine which direction is best for the owner, bedside returns to a natural or virtuous position can affect the health and well-being of each member of the room.


2. Cover the TV when placing in the bedroom
Many families prefer to set their televisions in the bedroom to relax after stressful work or before bedtime. However, if you have difficulty falling asleep, turn off or cover the TV if not used. Because the electromagnetic field of the TV can break the quiet energy flow when you sleep and the energy of the bedroom. So use a towel or cloth to cover the TV when not in use.



3. Always close the door and cover the toilet seat lid
In feng shui, water represents prosperity, money for wealth. On the other hand, in the house, the restroom is the wetest and easiest to "leak" the water, so it is easy to carry money out of the house. To avoid this, just close the door of the toilet and cover the toilet when not in use. If you want to be more secure, always keep the restroom dry.



4. The main door of the house
In the feng shui concept, the main door of the house is also called the mouth of the blood. At the same time, you must always make sure your house has extremely sturdy doors, because it is the key to attract rich, prosperous air to your family.



5. Set fish tanks in the house
In the past, on the occasion of the new year, the grandparents kept the jar filled with the desire for all five prosperity. Nowadays, you can display aquariums in your home and office if you want to store good energy next door. If the house is crowded or unqualified, you can decorate the aquarium image to bring prosperity to your family.




6. Clean and wipe the whole house
Finally, help your home become more airy. By spending some time cleaning the house, warding off bad energy and welcoming new winds. Please pay attention to clean the window because this is the symbol of the eyes of the house to see the world. A clean house is always the simple and effective solution to bring more good to your family!
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