Many families in urban areas is extremely headache not know how to direct their own lives more natural approach to living conditions restricted area. Some of the following suggestions will help you towards living space full of inspiration from nature.

Surprise from monotonous walls
Have you ever thought will transform empty walls, monotonous sudden inspiration "entice" you go home? Expand your living room, your reading outside of nature with the idea of using effects such as the horizon, ombre color sky blue, green or decorative motifs from flowers, trees, animals combined with color.
Seemed monotonous walls can bring you to this exciting new space that you did not expect with decorative painting. Some photos after you refer and elicit more ideas:


Room makeover in a snap
Using textures, wallpaper decorated with flowers was no longer a new way, but not everyone can do properly, leading to "confusion".

Use the correct ratio of stickers, decorations and paint color cleverly creates space more beautiful and true instead of just using the entire paper.

Small to large variable
Have you ever met the state bought the flowerpots, decorative plants to increase the vitality of the house but found placed inept. Be ingenious combination with colored wall near where, hanging flowers, combined with interior items have natural materials such as fabric, wood ... natural whole array will be created unexpectedly.
The room will shine brightly in different colors but still immensely popular subdued.

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