Landmark 81 urban district Vinhomes Central Park (TP. HCM) will be officially launched. At a height of 461m, Landmark 81 will become a symbol of the peak, marks the prosperity and development of Vietnam in the future.
Inspired risen strongly from the traditional image of bamboo bundles, Landmark tower first 81 enrolled Vietnam in top 10 tallest buildings in the world, up to the present time.
With 81 floors and 3 basements, 81 Landmark scale of a "city within a city" full range of functional areas offers Vietnam. First to mention Vincom Trade Center Landmark 81 - shopping paradise, the convergence of the luxury brand and the most fashionable in the country.
Space Premium entertainment is also favored absolute with an indoor ice rink at City wide first 2,000m2. HCM largest and country; populations of modern cinema - especially the first time through integrated Cineplex Imax 3-storey super luxury cineplex with utility services within the projection room. System of restaurant cuisine is rich and distinctive style led by an elevator from the outside extremely modern panorama will be an attractive destination for diners.
Landmark also owns 81 sports facilities in Vietnam attractive to system area 3,000m2 gym, spa, and most systems are 1,000m2 pool system, including an infinity pool with stunning views towards Saigon River, combined with the pool and jacuzzi sheltered modern.
Outstanding features at Landmark 81 is only the opportunity to experience high life on the peak level of superlative Vietnam. Observatory 360 degrees from level 79 to level 81 Landmark 81 brings a unique view panoramic city. There is also the Club House - "elite club" dedicated to residents and a limited amount of VIP guests to the Sky lounge area, Cigar lounge, separate lounge Wine and luxury - proud and class destination level of each member.
With system apartments and luxury hotel, The Landmark 81 also gives customers a trendy green lifestyle besides super-luxury experiences on Top 10 world peak. The entire glass used for the tower's facade Low-E glass with UVA, regulate temperature, reducing power consumption. Especially the first time in Vietnam, a drinking water system to meet European standards will be provided to each apartment, ensuring premium quality of life and environmental friendliness.
Also trendy is like New York in miniature, from the position of "urban heart", Landmark 81 and convenient connections with the local utility district executive as International Hospital Vinmec, school system Vinschool high quality, green parks along the river in Vietnam .... Simultaneously, from Landmark 81, customers can easily migrate to other areas in the city thanks to 3 entrance from Nguyen Huu Canh Street is about to expand, upgrade, two riverside lanes connecting Ton Duc Thang and Ung Van Khiem; modern Metro station 200m and class marina right Saigon River.
With unremitting efforts to do more than the expectations of customers, expected completion in 2018, Landmark Tower 81 will be worth living level and most of Vietnam.
Urban Vinhomes Central Park (Ward 22, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC) has a total area 43,91ha, converged traffic routes: road, rail and waterways. In addition to owning the building of the world's Top 10 Landmark 81 peak, class marina on the Saigon River, Vinhomes Central Park was green urban areas in Vietnam with building density of about 16%.


With a facade stretching more than 1km Saigon River and the riverside park size 14 hectares, Central Park brings Vinhomes class life in the green space, clean and wide open to nature.

Vinhomes Central Park

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