Dissection works volume...

- Prepare and manage profile construction cost estimates.

- Set up the volume, the price of construction works;

- Lap record construction cost estimates, the total cost estimates; calculated the total investment;

- Actively coordinate with other specialist departments to ensure the requirements of the progress and accuracy of records;

- Preparation of bidding documents, bid, evaluation of bids;

- Implementation of the verification of estimates, the total construction cost estimates;

- Management of records, internal documents of the specialized estimates;

- Preparation of the construction contract and the acceptance record contract settlement.

- Regularly update the legislation on the establishment and management of construction costs; the unit price and type of material in the market;

- Experience in drafting and monitoring contracts, drafting, design verification, investment reporting, economic reporting - technical and project investment.

- The sense of responsibility and ability to work under high pressure, cover well in the field.

- Status of the moral good.- Wage standards and performance bonus.

- Quantity: 2-3 HR

- Talking more specifically the interview.

You can apply and CV via email or direct, simply submit complete necessary information - Title: Application Forms [Vacancy]

                  * Send to the email: trang.hoang@a2b.com.vn

                  * Send to the address: R803, Block B, Indochina Park Tower, No.4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dakao Ward, Dist 1. HCMC.

       After 10-15 days of filing the company will get back to the eligible candidates.

Any questions please email at: trang.hoang@a2b.com.vn or call Ms Trang: 098 33 22 880 or 0936 37 39 89

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