If a doctor holds the human life, journalism orient public opinion, the College of Architects (architects) also creates strong mark for himself which is to leave the building for posterity .
Architecture is a specific branch is located between two areas: Art and Technique. A successful architect who know to reconcile two seemingly contradictory array that work. Recently creative, romantic and again just to master the technology update, its mound in the dry calculations. But the two sides got together seemingly contradictory mutually supportive, helping architects invent architectural products reach the perfect balance.


I. Occupation selected person or people choosing a career?
If other jobs are often "people choosing a career," the architect profession, then largely stay true to the concept "profession chosen people" because without hearts drunk profession, have a good professional qualities plus belong 'innate 'would not survive was the profession. KTS is like the mathematician brought soaring soul, the artist's romantic. job requires accurate digital harmonic balance in each calculation and the block high aesthetic to give birth to the architectural beauty products, with the golden ratio (golden ratio) and safe, convenient for the user.


Many young people believe that KTS is a money-making enterprise, however, it is only the perspective from the outside. To achieve the ideal as they say in the architecture profession, 1 month "pick" out 30-40 million, architects have to struggle a lot, to assert very much. Their talents are mainly due to innate talent for art, computing capabilities in engineering, finance, and the experience accumulated over the years. So the Please "Login" & press "Like" posts to see download links !!! that the architecture students need is what? Experience from the KTS "old guard" indicates you should prepare yourself:


· Specialized knowledge: can be divided into 2 categories:
- Knowledge of hardware (and decisive): mastering the principles of design, materials constitute up to design the architecture and planning; Read, understand and implement the intent, technical drawings correct, complete and accurate as prescribed (particularly need to architect and deploy hosted design);
- Knowledge of software (anonymous supplementary): physical architecture, graphics, economic construction, power engineering, water ...;
· Skill:
- Hard skills: ability to use expertise of specialized computer software: AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D MAX, corel draw, powerpoint ...
- Soft skills: report presentation skills; thinking skills, observation, creativity, initiative on the job, skills in groups; language skills, communication skills, social relationships.


II. The age-old story of the profession of Architecture
Perhaps, something architects and architectural practice, there are many, but the most widely spoken and remains the most is always about quality design, construction quality and a subtle story is pretty ... design fee (say a rustic way is money).


Story follows pleased to say before. Following is a business, social services without money are not interested in truth. KTS earn much more money must have been early on, and design to high fees (which the client will accept). The architects have complete agreement with his client in relation to funding and job content; or depending on customers that offer price match. And just like every other business, also obey the law of supply - demand; Architectural design services also must be flexible and depend on the market, under the circumstances, the time.


As with many things, the KTS ready "lemon", given the high price; and when no work is available down to devalue in order to get a contract. Many customers go home preparation "probe" architectural market can not help wondering why so many different rates; for a house, a design task and workload. Of course folk saying "there's no money"; but the architectural design is not commercially available goods to be assessed immediately. And again, in terms of expertise, can assess, design evaluation purely technical; what about creativity - the essence of architecture, whether assessed by the Money? Or again ... "quack money"?


Second story is about expertise, story design - consulting, or about the profession. When questioned: beautiful building (or bad) is by whom? The answer is very simple and logic is: by design, ie the architect. The answer's right in theory, but the reality is not so. About profession acknowledges that the case may have affected specific to what extent, but basically the most important roles of a project's success or failure by the investor.
These giant trees typical of modern architecture in the world.

Từ trái sang phải KTS Le Corbusier – KTS Zaha Hadid - KTS Rem koolhaas - KTS Peter eisenmanTừ trái sang phải KTS Le Corbusier – KTS Zaha Hadid - KTS Rem koolhaas - KTS Peter eisenman


One of the great tree of the world's modern architecture Corbusier once said: "There is no bad KTS, that only the less intelligent boss". The words with negative way he seems to affirm one thing: The role of the boss is important, and architects to undertake another mission besides beautiful creative works is to make the boss informed Smarter.
That was hard work! Story boss imposing unfair to make wishes for Digital It is very popular. Many architects extremely scared and "allergy" when working the administrative work, capital works budget with investors always impose authority type. In the housing segment, similar small projects. Many architects said that no matter how many times the customer to hug office under the pile of magazines (or lead architect came here and there) and asked to draw back for exactly this and that - in magazines or built somewhere before.
All these things were the painter turned architect, denying the very best value and their creative role; erosion of professional ethics. The bad projects grow not know who's fault, but the urban and social suffering.


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